What our clients say


Of course it’s great when our clients like what we say or/and do.

But we believe that it’s more important to say and do the right thing, rather than be dictated by what our clients like per se.


Here is what our clients, both current and prospective, have to say about us (names withheld due to confidentiality obligations).


“Very thorough, extremely professional and particularly insightful,” CEO, UK Network Technology Company, on the assessment of a potential Chinese partner


”…excellent work so far,” CEO, Australian Traditional Media Company, on suggested industry segments for market entry in China


“Good result,” Chairman, Hong Kong Traditional Media Company, on a turnaround strategy


“Great insights and realistic situation for sharing,” MD, Singaporean Integrated Marketing Company, on issues working with Chinese partner


“Assessment is spot on,” COO, Singaporean film and TV Production Company, on a strategy for distributing Chinese TV entertainment outside of China


“Very good understanding,” CEO, Malaysian Digital Advertising Company, on assessing the company’s home market product strategy in preparation for entering the Chinese market


“It is clear and reflects our discussion…will start working on it,” CEO, French Traditional Media Company, on the suggested equity capital market positioning for China-centric Asian business


“Very valuable knowledge in the Chinese market which puzzles many foreigners,” Consultant, Singapore Audience Engagement & Content Marketing Company, on the strategy for a product roll-out with a local partner in China


“…we would agree – it’s often all about the partner,” Executive Director, Australian Private Equity Fund, on a strategy to work with a Chinese partner for the media sector in China


“Well done, I think you’ve hit the mark with this,” Consultant, Australian Private Equity Fund, on a consolidation strategy for a fragmented media segment in China


“It was great… discussing and sharing your thoughts and views,” CEO, Hong Kong Content Management Technology Company, on the strategy for target market segments and raising external growth capital


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