As a boutique firm, our focus is on the advertising, digital and media space in China and Southeast Asia.  So, although we can also work as a generalist advisory firm, we deliver more value working for say, a satellite broadcasting operator, than let’s say, an automobile manufacturer.


And because we are sector focus, we are able to undertake a broad range of work within the advertising, digital and media space.  Indeed, we sometimes discuss and customize the scope of our assignment with the client to meet very specific needs e.g. one of our clients required us to assess the credibility and suitability of a potential joint venture partner in Shanghai.


To give you a sense of the breadth (and depth) of what we can do, we have set out brief descriptions of some assignments that we have undertaken in the past (names of clients withheld).  As you will see, these highlighted assignments are quite diverse, both in terms of scope of work as well as across different segments within the advertising, digital and media space.

Market Entry.  Our client is a major media company that was looking to enter the Chinese market for the first time and the brief was to identify market segments that presented the best opportunities ... read more





Competitive Re-positioning.  A NASDAQ company was re-positioning itself from a consumer electronics distributor to become a technology service provider in China; and the brief was to develop a corporate development strategy... read more





Assessment of potential partner.  A technology service supplier had made initial contact with two Shanghai companies; and the brief was to perform on the ground assessment on them over 6 months.  Our assessment... read more




Post acquisition interim CFO.  A major media company had acquired a fast growing Beijing company and urgently required an interim CFO to assist in the crucial 6-months post acquisition period... read more





Solicit Foreign Strategic Investor.  Our client is a private equity backed print media distribution business in Guangdong that was negotiating a merger with a direct mail advertising company, and our brief was to... read more





Second Round Funding.  We were engaged by an early stage Beijing video online marketing platform to be its corporate and financial advisor for its second round funding... read more




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