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Transaction: Case Study


Scope: Fundraising & Strategy

Industry: Fintech

Market: Singapore & ASEAN

Our client is a Fintech start-up that had successfully raised a few rounds of angel funding from so called “family and friends”, and it was now in a position to raise Series A from institutional investors for product roll-out and regional expansion.


The key challenge is to prepare the client for institutional round i.e. as opposed to angel round.

Unlike “family and friends”, an institutional pitch requires a credible and well thought-through equity story, and we advised our client to focus on these key areas:

  • Coherent strategy

  • Compelling investment themes

  • Robust financial projection

  • Growth drivers

  • Competitive landscape

  • Alignment of shareholding structure

  • Technology IP

The objective is to prepare a value investment proposition that will stand the scrutiny of the investment committee (IC) of an institutional investor; and the client duly commenced preparation work with a target to start raising Series A in 3-6 months.

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