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Image by Gigi

Transaction: Case Study


Scope: Fundraising & Strategy

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Market: Hong Kong

Our client is a start-up that had successfully raised crowdfunding for a consumer electronic appliance, and it required funding to start production for delivery, and to execute its business plan.

Our client’s original strategy was to leverage on its social media traction to build up a B2C online business.  However, we analysed the business and advised our client to concurrently develop a B2B strategy with these key areas of focus:

  • Establish a data-backed customer value profile

  • White label for major appliance makers

  • Corporate branding with major conglomerates

  • IP Licensing

  • Reduce brand marketing, and increase business development

  • Develop a new scaled-down prototype for B2B

The strategy was recalibrated incorporating plans for both B2B and B2C; and our client subsequently raised two additional rounds of funding.

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