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Nestle: Crafting The Art of Goodwill in China


Nanyang Business School, Manchester Business School, China Business Review & IS Chartered Accountant

Many foreign companies acknowledge that creating goodwill is an important part of doing business in China.

It is, however, a tricky balancing act when it comes to execution.

Intuitively, the focus of a foreign company is skewed towards enhancing shareholder value in its joint venture or subsidiary in China.  Consequently, creating goodwill to enhance local stakeholder value becomes subordinated as a strategic priority, or is simply overlooked.

Nestlé’s success in crafting the art of goodwill in China offers useful insights on striking a balance between local stakeholder and shareholder value; and how the former can have an accretive effect on the latter.

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This article was published in the alumni newsletters of Nanyang Business School and Manchester Business School.


An abridged version of this article was also published in:

  • China Business Review, the official magazine of the US-China Business Council, a non-profit and non-partisan trade association that represents more than 200 American companies doing business in China.  Click here for article.

  • IS Chartered Accountant, the member newsletter of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.  Click here for article

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