Marketing Service


Objective of marketing services

Our objective is to assist companies that want to tap the Hong Kong market but are holding back from setting up a full physical office due to a variety of reasons.

Reasons include Covid-19, budget and “test market first”: whatever they are, our marketing service is ideal for companies that require more than a “virtual” office, but not a full “physical office” in Hong Kong.

By providing on-the-ground support for the Hong Kong market from leads generation to sales completion, we enable companies to bridge marketing funnel gaps without the costs of a full “physical office”.



Gaps in marketing funnel

Major  companies have Hong Kong offices but they cater mainly to the corporate and high net worth individual segments.

Consequently, we believe that the SME and mid-high income market segments are underserved, and all stages of the marketing funnel are not being adequately met on-the-ground in Hong Kong.

Our marketing service will help companies to tap this segment and bridge the gaps in the marketing funnel.



Greater Bay Area

Hong Kong should not be considered as a market in isolation.


Hong Kong is a “first step” and a springboard for the Greater Bay Area (combined population>72m), which will present vast opportunities for goods and services with a differentiated competitive edge.


Our Strenghts

Our team has a track record of providing corporate services for more than a decade, and with our marketing service, the scope of our service is now extended to support marketing funnel activities for our clients.


Our office is at Leighton Centre, a “Grade A” office in prime Causeway Bay, where we have been a long-term tenant, and other tenants include Uber, TVB, Starbucks and Nike.

We have a flexible modular fee structure, which means that you only pay for what you need, and you are free to upsize or downsize accordingly at any time.


The starting base module is our virtual office package, which is HK$15,000/year.

Our services for add-on modules mirror the marketing funnel from lead generation to sales, and our fees start at HK$300 per prospect at the enquiry stage.

On our advisory side, we are particularly strong in the digital, advertising and media industries, and we are therefore well placed to provide input on how best to connect with your target customers.



Virtual Office: We set up a Hong Kong Company for you with a phone number, address & basic admin services.

Prospect Enquiry: We assign a staff to be your contact person, bearing your company email address and phone that your prospect can contact in Hong Kong.


Sales Conversion & Completion: Our staff supports you as a liaison interface with the prospect in Hong Kong to facilitate sales conversion and completion admin work.

Invoice Collection: Our staff supports you as a liaison interface with the customer as well as relevant service providers in Hong Kong to facilitate collection.


Face-to-face (FTF) Meeting: Our staff organizes a FTF meeting with the prospect or customer in our office with you using Zoom or other similar software.

Prospects Generation: We will work with you on a Hong Kong marketing plan, and coordinate with the relevant local services providers for implementation.

Marketing Collaterals: Depending on needs, we can prepare collaterals or if necessary, coordinate with the relevant local services providers to help you.

Chinese Website: Depending on needs, we can prepare a Chinese website or if necessary, coordinate with the relevant local services providers to help you.


It is not possible to prepare an exhaustive list of our services.

We are a full-scope corporate service provider, and if we cannot assist, we are likely able to find someone in Hong Kong who can – we have been doing this for a while.

Email us for fee quote

We are here to assist. Contact us if you would like to discuss or for fee quote.