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Case Study: Marketing Gaps

An in-depth analysis is required for a proper assessment of marketing gaps.  To illustrate our point, we did an experiment on a Singapore SME for a product that Singaporeans hold very close to our hearts - food. 

We google, find what we want  & make an enquiry: start of the marketing funnel

Real case example of how a Singapore condiment company responded to an enquiry from Hong Kong for a Singaporean brand of condiment.

Being Singaporeans, we had a craving for a particular brand of Singapore condiment and googled to see if we can buy it in Hong Kong: online mall HKTV Mall, CitySuper, Wellcome, condiments distributor, Singaporean restaurants and the likes.

We didn't manage to find it in Hong Kong and so, we filled up an online enquiry form on the website of the Singapore SME: “I am a Singaporean in Hong Kong.  Where can I buy your [product] in HK?”

And then, we waited...

Three days later...our journey in the marketing funnel comes to a premature end


Thank you for your email

You may contact Mr. [redacted] who is a Singaporean in HK importing Singapore product.

His contact no.  [redacted]

Key takeaways:

  • The phone number provided was a handphone, and there was no address and shop/company name.

  • We called, and it turned out that Mr. [redacted] is a wholesale distributor.

This is how we could have helped in the marketing funnel 

With our outsourced marketing services, this is how we could have provided “real” (vs "virtual") engagement for the Singapore condiment company with its prospects and customers in Hong Kong.

  • On the Singapore company website, there is a Hong Kong local contact person, a Hong Kong company, office address, phone number and email bearing the company's name ""

  • The Hong Kong prospect calls the contact person i.e. our staff and is briefed on basic info: minimum order, shipping charges, discount e.t.c.

  • An order is placed, and we issue a Hong Kong invoice to be settled in Hong Kong i.e. the customer pays for it via a Hong Kong ATM fund transfer.

  • On delivery day, our staff arranges with the customer to either collect it from our office, or for local courier.

The marketing funnel doesn't stop with a's also about a customer relationship 

Our outsourced marketing services can be expanded to support activities for the entire marketing funnel, and this is we could have further helped the Singapore company:

  • Queries and sales are consolidated into a Hong Kong customer data base for the Singapore condiment company.

  • Promotions are communicated to the prospects and customers, and orders are consolidated for shipping from Singapore.

  • Research on localization of packaging and marketing without comprising the core brand equity of the Singapore product.

  • Bite-size culinary content is curated and broadcast to prospects and customers, as well as social media in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

  • Joint promotion with poultry brands in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

  • Small quantity of the condiment is kept in Hong Kong to facilitate fast shipment to customers in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The above scenario is provided for illustrative purposes but is based on an actual case.

In reality, the marketing and logistics are more complicated; and proper market segmentation as well as costs-benefits are key considerations, amongst others.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution, and so, please contact us for a chat.

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