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Chong Lub Bun, a Singapore native, is a chartered accountant with extensive public listed companies’ experience, and an all-rounded 30-year career spanning Singapore, Hong Kong and China.


Prior to founding C Consultancy, Lub Bun was the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Mergers and Acquisitions of Clear Media (0100.HK), and the Chief Financial Officer of Focus Media (002027.SZ). Lub Bun trained as an accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in China, Hong Kong and Singapore during the 1990s.


Lub Bun also serves as an independent non-executive director of iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK), an independent online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider that connects worldwide marketers with audiences in China.


Lub Bun graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, received his MBA (merit) from Manchester Business School and is a Singapore Chartered Accountant.


Lub Bun enjoys writing and he is the author of “Managing a Chinese Partner: Insights from Global Companies” (Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan), and a contributor of opinions and articles on China for reputable media organizations.

LB Chong

Florence YIP

Florence Yip, a Hong Kong native, is a certified public accountant with an all-rounded 29-year career across a wide repertoire of industries with significant regional experience in China, Southeast Asia and Australia.


Upon graduation, Florence trained as an accountant with Ernst & Young in the 1990s, and thereafter took up a variety of senior finance and commercial roles in reputable companies including Cathay Pacific Airways (0293.HK) and Hudson Global Resources (NASDAQ: HSON).


Florence graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy (Honors) and received her EMBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She is also a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and a CPA of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Florence enjoys trying different new restaurants and delicious food in Hong Kong.  She also loves a stroll in Victoria Dockside to enjoy the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour and nearby art exhibition and live music concert.



Iris Chen, a Guangzhou native, experienced the phenomenal growth of China right in the heart of Guangdong – the economic powerhouse province of China.

Iris is a certified project management and risk management professional with an all rounded 23-year career across a number of industries in Hong Kong and China.

Iris trained as an accountant in Ernst & Young, where she worked on the IPOs of Guangdong companies including Royal Furniture (01998.HK) and Kam Hing International (02307.HK).

Following E&Y, Iris worked in companies that are household names in China: Amway, Watsons and Texwinca (00321.HK) where she assumed a variety of senior finance and management roles including as a deputy director reporting to the Chairman and Board of Texwinca.

Iris graduated from the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a bachelor’s degree in in International Business and received her Master’s in Accounting & Finance from the University of Southampton.  She is also a Certified Project Management Professional & hold a Certification in Risk Management.

Guangzhou maybe a modern metropolis, but for Iris, she is especially proud of its long history and culture, and one of the sights that she shares with foreign visitors is a 2,000 year Western Han dynasty mausoleum in downtown Guangzhou.

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