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Clarity For The Way Forward

Our articles are mainly about China, a reflection of our in-market experience.

Almost all the China articles are published by reputable media and trade publications or feature the insights of LB Chong, one of our partners (note: relevant copyrights apply).

The insights set out here are a fraction our in depth experience.  A case in point: Take a look at these book reviews by Professor Wee of Nanyang Business School and Mr. Cosgrove, winner of Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, on a book on China by LB Chong.

So, please connect, and let us know your specific areas of interests and we will be happy to share our insights.

Image by Annie Spratt

Sincerely yours? A value driven management approach

Publication: IE Singapore & Manchester Business School

For many Foreign Players, working with a Chinese partner to adapt its home model for the Chinese market place seems the obvious option. Yet, track record in this regard is article.

Image by Robert Nyman

Despite the political mudslinging, Americans & Chinese are not so different​

Publication: Caixin Global

Just to state the obvious, the novel coronavirus doesn’t pick sides.  But politics does – also stating the obvious.  Instead of a cease-fire, the opposite is happening as the US-China article.

Image by Ren Ran

Nestle: Crafting the art of goodwill in China

Publication: China Business Review, Nanyang Business School & ISCA

In 1979, Nestle started negotiations for re-entering China, eventually inking its first joint venture in 1987; and it has been honing the art of crafting goodwill in China ever article.

Image by Kirill Sharkovski

Opening Happiness: An oral history of Coca-Cola in China

Publication: Fortune featuring LB, one of our partners

Fortune article by Scott Cendrowski featuring interviews with LB Chong, our director. Coca-Cola’s journey to be where it is now in China – from a western soda that was banned by Mao in 1978 article. 

Image by Tiraya Adam

Google's playbook to succeed in China

Publication: Caixin Global

Google’s previous foray to provide search services to Chinese netizens was besieged with setbacks; and it pulled the plug in China in 2010.  In view of tightened control on internet and article.

Image by Chastagner Thierry

Managing a Chinese Partner: Insights from Global Companies

Publication: Trade title published by Palgrave Macmillan

Danone, Nestle, Coca-Cola and SABMiller are similar in some ways, but adopted different approaches in China with different consequences.  This book takes a look at the development...find out more.

Image by Yu Kato

Joint venture show signs of aging, but still have some life

Publication: Caixin Global featuring LB, one of our partners

My discussion of joint ventures began in a recent meeting with Singaporean Lub Bun Chong, author of the book “Managing a Chinese Partner,” who had his own very specific article.

Image by Miranda Richey

Jack Ma's True Mission is Not Retail, But Globalization​

Publication: Caixin Global & NTU Link (NTU Alumni Newsletter)

Jack Ma’s destiny, it seems, is not limited to leading the “A-team” that built Alibaba to where and what it is now. As he put it himself in a Bloomberg interview, “I think some day, and soon, I'll article.

Image by Diego Jimenez

After rebuff, Top Chinese Marketing Firm Takes Second Shot at North America​


Publication: Caixin Global featuring LB, one of our partners

BlueFocus, China’s largest public relations and marketing firm, said it will buy U.S. peer Eleven Holdings Inc. for up to $80 million, moving ahead with a global expansion despite Washington’ article.

Image by Joshua Sortino

Paid in China: Bill Collecting Poses Big Challenge for Foreign Firms

Publication: Caixin Global featuring LB, one of our partners

About a decade ago, a smug American friend boasted to me that his expensive Washington law firm had helped a Chinese battery-maker successfully defend itself against a patent lawsuit article.

Image by Yu Kato

Is ruined Dick Clark deal the beginning of the end of China’s Hollywood buying binge?

Publication: SCMP featuring LB, one of our partners

Wanda’s latest plan for big-screen glory is in tatters. Some suggest a lack of cash, or Trump’s anti-Chinese rhetoric, while others insist it’s more to do with Chinese government article.

Image by Matt Zhang

Yuan outflow limit to hit smaller Chinese firms but seen temporary


Publication: SCMP featuring LB, one of our partners

The Chinese central bank’s move to limit and tighten scrutiny on yuan outflows via lending to offshore entities may make it more difficult for less established mainland firms to buy article.

Image by Melissa

Localization: It’s harder than you think

Publication: In-house

“Rupert Murdoch gives up on China with sale of Star China TV”, this headline blared on The Telegraph; and James Murdoch conceded at the end of the article that Star China TV had article.

Image by Denny Ryanto

Localization & Performance: A Tale of Two JVs

Publication: In-house

Based on two Sino-Foreign JVs in China, this book looks at the impact of localization on their respective corporate performances over a 7 year period.  Both are foreign owned, article.

Image by Bruce Röttgers

Solar Subsidy Meltdown Spotlights How Beijing Gives, Takes Away​


Publication: Caixin Global featuring LB, one of our partners

Make hay while the sun shines, and don’t store all your Chinese eggs in one basket. Those farmyard bits of wisdom are two of the biggest lessons coming from this week’s article.

Transaction Resource
Image by Kristen Sturdivant

Insights & Resource On Transaction (All In-house)

In the next few articles, we share our insights and some resources on fund raising and management buy-out.  These are high level materials, and please connect with us for two-way discussions to get the best insights.

Image by Markus Winkler

Fund Raising: Lessons from the tortoise and the hare

Realistic expectation is one of the vital factors that contribute to the success of a fund raising exercise – for the company, its advisors and potential investors.  When expectations are article.

Image by farfar

Not just profits: the softer side to a successful IPO

How much profit does my company need to IPO?  This is one of the most common questions raised by companies aspiring to become publicly listed.  This is a very important and article.

Image by Robynne Hu

Investment Teaser: Getting your first date with investors

An investment teaser is typically a short 2-3 page document that is used to solicit initial investor interest for a business.  As the name suggests, it is used to "tease" investors to secure a "first date"; and like any "first date", it is important to say enough but not too much.

Download our sample teaser.

Image by Albert Hu

Info Memo: The courtship after the first date

An info memo follows the investment teaser, and it contains detailed information which is used for making an informed assessment for an investment in the business.  Like any "courtship" after the "first date", it is important that both sides truly get to know each other during this period.

Download our sample info memo.

Image by Tsuyuri Hara

Management buyout: the once-in-a lifetime opportunity

In this paper, we look at three key questions, namely, (a) is the MBO do-able i.e. why would the owner sell (b) how to pitch a MBO i.e. value proposition to convince the owner to sell, and the investors to fund the deal and (c) how long does a MBO take?


Download our MBO paper.

Connect with us to engage in two-way discussions and get interactive insights.

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