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Clarity For The Way Forward

LB Chong, our partner, is the author of "Managing a Chinese Partner", and his views on China are published by reputable news and trade organizations including SCMP, Caixin Global, US-China Business Council and Enterprise Singapore, amongst others.

  Our China insights are set out herein and intended to facilitate a "balanced" understanding.


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The never-ending pursuit of Yin-Yang harmony

Like any country, the Chinese governance system has delivered mixed results for her people and environment.

Much has been achieved, and much remains to be achieved.

In Yin-Yang lingo, positive and negative energies ("qi") are continuously playing out in the society, and China is in a never-ending pursuit of "harmony".

We are advocates of taking a "balanced" approach to China, that's as distinct from a "binary-win-lose" approach.

This is reflected in our approach to transaction advisory.

Here is a selection of our latest China insights.

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