We serve our clients in three areas, namely advisory, corporate and marketing services.

In terms of advisory work, we work on a broad range of customized transactions including interim management, market entry, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, and corporate strategy.

For clients that want to set up a presence in Hong Kong to tap China, we provide corporate and marketing services including in company formation, company secretarial, accounting, audit, taxation, and administration.

Our name “C" sounds like the Chinese character "思" and is the third character of a Chinese saying "饮水思源".  Literally translated as "when drinking water, be mindful of the source ", this saying exhorts the virtue of showing gratitude to those who have helped.

From a professional perspective, this saying has an additional layer of meaning for us.

To truly deliver value, we strongly believe that we have to go to the "source" of the assignments that we undertake.  This means we adopt an integrative approach and work with the senior management team in firstly, providing all-round well deliberated advice and more importantly, in adopting a fee structure that is largely driven by achieving the desired results of our clients.

Generally, our current and prospective clients are receptive to what we say and/or do.  Of course there are some who are less receptive.  On the rare occasions, some even disagree outright.  In any case, we strive to take what we believe is the right approach.  To learn more about what our clients think, click here.

We have been working the grounds in Greater China and Southeast Asia since the early 1990s.  To learn about our team, please click here.