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Our Service

We are a 360° service provider for transaction, outsourced marketing, recruitment and corporate services.

What we mean by 360° Service

Our services comprise of transaction advisory and support; outsourced marketing and business development process; and recruitment and corporate service.

With our range of services, we cater to  the most basic of answering phone calls at reception to navigating the complexities of a corporate transaction.

We work from the ground-up and most basic to helping you navigate complexities and intricacies.

This is 360° Service.

How We Deliver 360° Service

Transaction Advisory

We are industry-agnostic.  Our network of relationship is particularly strong in the digital, advertising and media sectors, and this is helpful for companies tapping Singapore, Hong Kong and China.  We advise on standard transactions such as M&A, corporate finance, market entry and strategy; and as a boutique frim, we also undertake customized assignments.

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Transaction Support

For many companies, it's not necessary to carry the costs of a fulltime in-house team for corporate transactions.  We bridge expertise gaps by providing functional expertise for you to undertake transactions.  Our services are pragmatic & cost-efficient, and we support you at crucial stages of corporate development such as charting a course into China.

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Outsourced Marketing & Business Development

Our outsourced marketing  & business development services are ideal for companies that require more than a “virtual” office, but not a full “physical office” in Hong Kong.  Our services bridge gaps in marketing and business development funnel activities - from leads to sales completion - without the costs of a full “physical office”.  With this, you have a "face" on-the-ground in Hong Kong, and not an email, phone number or contact form.

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Recruitment & Corporate Services

Our recruitment and corporate services are where we provide the basic functional services in Hong Kong.  The scope is standard cross the industry: staff recruitment, company formation, accounting, audit, taxation, MPF (statutory pension), and payroll, amongst others. This is mundane work but it needs to be done, and we happily do it so that you can focus on the business. 

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