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Transaction: Case Studies

Value In Motion

Works of Art & Science

We have put together nine case studies to provide an overview on how we add value.

​Discretion is a fundamental attribute of our services, and as such, we made some modifications and disguised certain information in these case studies.

We see ourselves as both “artisans” and “scientists” in the delivery of our transaction services.

And the best way to get a feel for how we blend "art and science" to create value is to talk to us.

Connect with us to see if we are worth our weight in salt.

Image by Yu Kato

Scope: Market Entry & M&A

Industry: Media

Market: China

Our client is a major media company that was looking to enter the Chinese market for the first time and the brief was to identify market segments that presented the best opportunities...find out more.

Cell Phones

Scope: Corporate Strategy

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Market: China

A NASDAQ company was re-positioning itself from a consumer electronics distributor to become a technology service provider in China; and the brief was to develop a corporate...find out more.

Image by Obi Onyeador

Scope: Fundraising & Strategy

Industry: FinTech

Market: Singapore & ASEAN

Our client is a Fintech start-up that had successfully raised a few rounds of angel funding from so called “family and friends”, and it was now in a position to raise Series A from institutional investor...find out more.

Image by Li Yang

Scope: Fundraising & Strategy

Industry: Digital & Advertising

Market: China

We were engaged by an early stage Beijing video online marketing platform to be its corporate and financial advisor for its second round funding.  Given the lack of established profit...find out more.

Image by Chris Ried

Scope: Fundraising & Strategy

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Market: Hong Kong & ASEAN

Our client is a start-up that had successfully raised crowdfunding for a consumer electronic appliance, and it required funding to start production for delivery, and to execute its business...find out more.

Image by Karan Bhatia

Scope: Fundraising & Strategy

Industry: Manufacturing

Market: China

Our client is an established European company, and a reputable player in its sector, and the brief was to develop a transformation strategy for its wholly-owned Beijing factory, and to raise funds...find out more.

Image by Road Trip with Raj

Scope: Market Entry & M&A

Industry: Media

Market: China

A major media company had acquired a fast growing Beijing company and urgently required an interim CFO to assist in the crucial 6-months post acquisition period.  Working with the...find out more.

Image by Edward He

Scope: Market Entry & Strategy

Industry: Technology

Market: China

A technology service supplier had made initial contact with two Shanghai companies; and the brief was to perform on the ground assessment on them over 6 months.  Our assess...find out more.

Image by Evangelos Mpikakis

Scope: Fundraising/Market Entry

Industry: Industrial

Market: China & Singapore

Our client is a JV between a European company and a Hong Kong consortium, and it was set up to commercialize the IPs of a certain advance material for the Chinese market...find out more.

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