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Sincerely yours? A value driven management approach

News headline: “PepsiCo accuses its Sichuan joint venture partner of transferring ownership of its shares without consulting”.  This article gives perspectives on managing a Chinese partner, and was published in the newsletters of Manchester Business School and IE Singapore.




Nestle: Crafting the art of goodwill in China

In 1979, Nestle started negotiations for re-entering China, eventually inking its first joint venture in 1987; and it has been honing the art of crafting goodwill in China ever since. This article was published in the newsletters of Manchester Business School, Nanyang Business School and US-China Business Council.




Not just profits: the softer side to a successful IPO

How much profit does my company need to IPO?  This is one of the most common questions raised by companies aspiring to become publicly listed.  This is a very important and valid question, but somewhat misguided because there is more to an IPO than just "hard" profit.




Managing a Chinese Partner: Insights from Global Companies

Danone, Nestle, Coca-Cola and SABMiller are similar in some ways, but adopted different approaches in China with different consequences.  This book takes a look at the development of these four global giants in China over 2-3 decades.




Investment Teaser: Getting your first date with investors

An investment teaser is typically a short 2-3 page document that is used to solicit initial investor interest for a business.  As the name suggests, it is used to "tease" investors to secure a "first date"; and like any "first date", it is important to say enough but not too much.



Management buyout: the once-in-a lifetime opportunity

In this paper, we look at three key questions, namely, (a) is the MBO do-able i.e. why would the owner sell (b) how to pitch a MBO i.e. value proposition to convince the owner to sell, and the investors to fund the deal and (c) how long does a MBO take?



Localization: It’s harder than you think.

“Rupert Murdoch gives up on China with sale of Star China TV”, this headline blared on The Telegraph; and James Murdoch conceded at the end of the article that Star China TV had made “tremendous strides” since coming under Chinese control.




Opening Happiness: An oral history of Coca-Cola in China. 

Fortune article by Scott Cendrowski featuring interviews with LB Chong, our director. Coca-Cola’s journey to be where it is now in China – from a western soda that was banned by Mao in 1978 to becoming its third largest market in the world.  Registration not required, click to read... 




Fund Raising: Lessons from the tortoise and the hare

Realistic expectation is one of the vital factors that contribute to the success of a fund raising exercise – for the company, its advisors and potential investors.  When expectations are not aligned, chances of failure in fund raising are increased.




Localization & Performance: A Tale of Two JVs.

Based on two advertising media players in China, this book looks at the impact of localization on their respective corporate performances over a 7 year period.  Both are foreign owned, started around the same time, but delivered contrasting performances.




Info Memo: The courtship after the first date

The info memo follows the investment teaser, and it contains detailed information which is used for making an informed assessment for an investment in the business.  Like any "courtship" after the "first date", it is important that both sides truly get to know each other during this period.  

Google's playbook to succeed in China

Google’s previous foray to provide search services to Chinese netizens was besieged with setbacks; and it pulled the plug in China in 2010.  In view of tightened control on internet and media, what makes Google think it can do a better job this time around?

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