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Clarity For The Way Forward

Our articles are mainly about China, a reflection of our in-market experience.

Almost all the China articles are published by reputable media and trade publications or feature the insights of LB Chong, one of our partners (note: relevant copyrights apply).

Please don't be misled by the relatively small number of articles, which are a fraction of those published on the websites of tier-1 advisory firms.

It doesn't mean we don't have insights - like many SMEs, it simply means that the bulk of our resources are channeled to our work and clients.

A case in point: Take a look at these book reviews by Professor Wee of Nanyang Business School and Mr. Cosgrove, winner of Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, on a book on China by LB Chong.

In any case, it's our experience that interactive discussions are great for sharing relevant insights and provide some clarity for the way forward.

So, please connect, and let us know your specific areas of interests and we will be happy to share our insights.

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Sincerely yours? A value driven management approach

Publication: IE Singapore & Manchester Business School

For many Foreign Players, working with a Chinese partner to adapt its home model for the Chinese market place seems the obvious option. Yet, track record in this regard is article.

Image by Robert Nyman

Despite the political mudslinging, Americans & Chinese are not so different​

Publication: Caixin Global

Just to state the obvious, the novel coronavirus doesn’t pick sides.  But politics does – also stating the obvious.  Instead of a cease-fire, the opposite is happening as the US-China article.

Image by Ren Ran

Nestle: Crafting the art of goodwill in China

Publication: China Business Review, Nanyang Business School & ISCA

In 1979, Nestle started negotiations for re-entering China, eventually inking its first joint venture in 1987; and it has been honing the art of crafting goodwill in China ever article.

Image by Kirill Sharkovski

Opening Happiness: An oral history of Coca-Cola in China

Publication: Fortune featuring LB, one of our partners

Fortune article by Scott Cendrowski featuring interviews with LB Chong, our director. Coca-Cola’s journey to be where it is now in China – from a western soda that was banned by Mao in 1978 article. 

Image by Tiraya Adam

Google's playbook to succeed in China

Publication: Caixin Global

Google’s previous foray to provide search services to Chinese netizens was besieged with setbacks; and it pulled the plug in China in 2010.  In view of tightened control on internet and article.

Image by Chastagner Thierry

Managing a Chinese Partner: Insights from Global Companies

Publication: Trade title published by Palgrave Macmillan

Danone, Nestle, Coca-Cola and SABMiller are similar in some ways, but adopted different approaches in China with different consequences.  This book takes a look at the development...find out more.

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